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Lynda Moncaster
 Writer - Director - Producer
About Lynda

Lynda Moncaster is a Writer, Director and Producer and has her own production company (Moncaster Media). She can also be heard on The UK 1940s Radio Station where she writes and produces her own weekly show: 40s Favourites.

It was from the age of 11 that Lynda developed a life-long love of acting, thanks to her school who taught her in a Drama class. It was with huge sadness to her that this class was not available to her in the remainder of her schooling and she left school with a few CSEs, an RSA Stage 1 (with distinction) in Typing and (thanks to Mrs Keats her amazingly good English teacher) a love of English Language and Literature. It was unfortunate that Lynda’s dream for an acting career was not perceived by her family as a viable option and was instead pushed towards a clerical and secretarial career.

As happens all too often, external commitments continued, year on year, to pull Lynda into a different direction until she had lost all hope of following her dreams, yet she never lost her love of writing stories, which she developed into a hobby of creative writing and script writing.

In 2004 Lynda’s husband was advised by his Doctor to find a less stressful and less physically demanding career. Many years earlier he had been a DJ and decided to resurrect this as a career and formed Swing Jive Entertainments and created The Swing Jive Disco as its first product. Not only did Lynda’s husband enjoy this career change, but so did Lynda. It rejuvenated her interest in performing and whilst keeping her “day job” she moonlighted as a DJ, alongside her husband.

Lynda resigned as a Programme Administrator to set up Devcaster Promotions, but without training or experience as a Producer and only her administrative skills to fall back on, it was doomed to failure. One person who attended the event said “I can’t understand why there aren’t more people here.” Another said “It’s the best organised event I’ve been to”. The problem lay in ‘trying to run before she could walk’. It was the wrong event for the area, and on too large a scale. Lynda returned to her former career and began working as a PA for a Senior Director within the NHS.

For two years Lynda worked within the NHS while her husband built up Swing Jive Entertainments, joining her husband as a DJ at weekends. She continued with her creative writing hobby and added acting to her list of hobbies by joining The Copythorne Amateur Theatrical Society. Instead of helping Lynda “get through” her working day, her desire to be fully occupied within the Entertainment Industry continued to grow. After being presented with an opportunity of promotion, Lynda decided it was time to make the change in a “last chance” career move, but knew this time she had to retrain. Supported by her husband, Lynda attended the University of Winchester, enrolling on the BA (Hons) Drama degree. She passed with a 2:1 and successfully applied for the MA in Text and Performance degree, offered jointly by The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and Kings College (London).

Since completing her studies, Lynda has written, directed and produced a number of short films, a novel, and is currently working on producing a science fiction play for a theatre tour.

Unfortunately, Lynda has had to take some time off this last year, due to a cancer diagnosis. She is pleased to report that she has now been given the “all clear” and is raring to get back to work.

During the summer of 2016, Lynda will be running a number of workshops – Building A Production Company. Dates and venues are yet to be confirmed.

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